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My former department chair was pushed or jumped

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I've spent a lot of time moaning & groaning about my (now former) department chair. I've written about some of his more egregious behavior. This, in large part, is why I left. These experiences, including a senior administration that did not give a damn about any of these issues, forms a large part of my perspective about MRU medical schools. See also: Yale, faculty shenanigans.

Now, I learn he has "stepped down from being chair". Ho Ho Ho. And a Merry Christmas to all of you. I have to say that several of my allies in the department - usually older women in admin positions, or clinical management/leadership immediately called me.  What everyone wants to know is whether he jumped or was pushed. Personally I vote for pushed. Since he didn't embarrass MRU publically, they will allow him to save face. If he had, they would have thrown him to the wolves. But there is a new Dean and he's cleaning house.  The DCFH claims he wants to return to his "first loves" (which in my observations is women's breasts): teaching, clinical care and research. He's mostly shut down his research program. He's never done much teaching. And he seldom sees patients. Junior faculty have taken over seeing patients in his sub-specialty. I feel kinda sorry for them, as I am sure he will push them out. I wait with baited breath to see his return to research (we are in the same area, I see animal patients, he sees the human ones. Mine are more interesting).

But, of course, he had to get one last lick in on me.  I have an adjunct appointment in my old department. It is useful to me, and I will be publishing data I collected there for another year or so. It is appropriate for me to include that affiliation on the papers. There are a couple of reasons to maintain the appointment, substantive things I get out of it, beyond the glory. But I got a note from him about terminating the appointment because I'm not really involved in the department. He didn't say anything about stepping down (of course). I ignored it and hoped the problem would go away because he would be leaving the chair. But no, I got another note from him, asking me to validate my continuing contributions to the department. So damn petty. So I did. I will without question, have to interact with him in the coming years in the research arena. We will be at the same the meeting in the spring. A meeting which various trainees, former trainees, and medical student who worked in my lab, will be presenting. I am putting my money down, now. I bet that if something is hard or bad or fails to stroke his ego at these meetings, I will have to jump up and defend my peeps against his misanthropy.



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