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There are a number of NIH twitter accounts. If you are funded, or wish to be funded, or hope to be funded, etc... one that is worthwhile, if not absolutely necessary is: @NIHFunding

For example, here is what showed up this morning:



This is a link to the notice about, strangely enough, Changes to Animal Activities. Its purpose is:

This Notice provides guidance to Public Health Service (PHS) awardee institutions and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUCs) on significant changes to animal activities. - See more at:

We all have lots of problems, administrative headaches and general angst about keeping up with the rules and regs. But the worst thing in the world is to get your work or your money held up because of some stupid (to you)  guideline you didn't follow. Knowing which rules, when you break them, will stop your work, and which ones, when you ignore them, are a case of  better to ask forgiveness than permission, is an important skill.

Animal rules are ones that fall into the former basket. In general, the NIH guide can help you sort these two groups. Follow it.

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