Vacation-style joke

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Discussion about going to beach and august and what not on the tweets reminded me of this. I thought I had told this before, but can't find it. If you are hearing it again, laugh again or not. Today I don't give a shit (just my pigs do).

Grad student, Postdoc and PI are coming back from morning coffee, and find a magic bottle. Someone rubs it and out pups the Genii.

Genii: there are three of you so each gets one wish.

Grad Student: Ah, I want to go to Florida. Be on the beach. A beer in each hand, lots of semi-naked people that are appropriate to my sexual orientation and gender.

Poof. The grad student is gone.

Postdoc: I want to be on the beach in Hawaii, with my significant other, and a babysitter for the 1rst instar at home.

Poof. The Postdoc is gone.

PI: I want them both back in the lab by 2pm.



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