Academic Administration: It's all about money and althletics

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One of my loyal readers (and total football fanatic, as I would not have found this on my own) pointed me in the direction of this story about the new President of Youngstown State University, Jim Tressel.

Evidently, Mr. Tressel, currently  Executive Vice President for Student Success at the University of Akron, received an unanimous vote from the Board of  Trustees (which I gather in the State of Ohio is a political plum given to big gubernatorial campaign donors).

His qualifications seemed to be largely running the Ohio State Football program. As  well as:

Tressel returns to the Mahoning Valley [where YSU is] and the institution where he coached football from 1986 to 2000. Since then he coached at Ohio State University and spent two years in administration at UA. [University of Akron].

Here is the relevant information from his wikipedia page:

However, Tressel resigned from OSU as head coach in May 2011 amid an NCAA investigation into rules violations during the prior 2010 season. The investigation resulted in OSU self-vacating victories from the 2010 season (including the 2011 Sugar Bowl).[1]


Tressel's highest level of education is a Master's degree (a Doctorate is virtually a prerequisite for any university president position in the United States), combined with the show-cause penalty that is in effect for Tressel until 2016.

For those of outside the athletic mainstream (again from wikipedia):

In the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), a show-cause penalty is an administrative punishment ordering (for a limited time) that any NCAA penalties imposed on a coach found to have committed major rules violations, will stay in effect against that coach for the sanction(s)'s full duration -- and could also be transferred to any other NCAA-member school that hires the coach thereafter.

His job at Akron was Vice President of Student Success, a euphemism I am told raising money for athletes. In any case, there is nothing like indicating what title people who have committed ethical violations can get. And important jobs.



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